Freebies: “Traveling by Icons,” Visual Travel Guide When English and Tech are Scarce

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Free Download Traveling by Icons, Pictorial Guide, Assembled by Sherrie Thai of

“Traveling by Icons” is a free visual guide I created as a reference for getting around in remote foreign areas when there are language and tech issues. An image will save you a thousand words, so when in doubt, just point to the image and smile 🙂

You could VIEW the full doc, or DOWNLOAD THE LETTER-SIZE VERSION HERE (8.5×11″), print and enjoy! For a smaller size, you could DOWNLOAD THE 5×7″ VERSION HERE–just print and fold. If you’re feeling more crafty, print out the sizes at a reduced percentage, laminate and tadah–flash cards! This lil project started out as a personal resource, and thought I’d share this with my fellow travelers. It’s very simple and barebones, but I hope to add more at a later time. In the meantime, hope you find this helpful 🙂

You could find more freebies at Want more? Check out free image backgrounds on my Creative Commons folder on Flickr (Urban, Nature, Patterns, Abstract, Textiles). If you decide to use any of the backgrounds, please let me know how it goes by sending a link or an image. Enjoy!

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