Artwork: Dragon O Illustration

Sherrie Thai: Dragon O Illustration

This dragon was originally created in pen/ink and vectorized on the computer. I’ll eventually create another design with this circular shape for a tee design, but for now, enjoy it digitally. =0)
For a larger view, click here.

Inspiration: The Simpsons Marketing Campaign

The Simpsons Burger King Poster

The Simpsons D'oh of the Dead Design

The marketing team behind The Simpsons have been hard at work. Going into their 20th season (wow!), their fire is far from diminishing. From the success of the Kwik E-Mart/7-11 takeover and the partnership of Burger King last year for the movie launch, the famous yellow family are still at it again. . . Gentle Giants toy manufacturer has produced the Treehouse of Horror series, while Burger King is looking forward to another partnership. On The Simpsons’ website, there’s a partnership with Zazzle for seasonal products in honor of Dia de Los Muertos, cleverly titled, “D’oh of the Dead”. Click here to check out The Simpsons’ (awesomely-designed) site.

Inspiration: Wallace & Gromit, PhotoJojo, and BlueCanvas

Wallace & Gromit Harvey Nichols Ad

The loveable characters of Wallace & Gromit lend their charm to the ads for lifestyle store, Harvey Nichols. Click here for more details.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital photography or getting new project ideas, check out Photojojo.

I’ve also placed a few artwork pieces on an artist social networking site, Blue Canvas. The Flash player is pretty nifty–artwork becomes embedded into the module and viewable in a seamless way.

Artwork: Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This artwork was created while in a Halloween mindset. The concept was to replace a human backbone with a snake and a ribcage as wing elements. It veered away from that a bit, so I may revisit the theme a bit more later. The influences for this piece were artwork from Giger (bio-mechanical elements), mysticism, tattoo art, and alchemy (symbols in the background). Traditionally drawn with pen/ink, then scanned, and digitally colored. Larger image here.

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