Artwork: Steampunk Samurai Star Wars

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Star Wars Steampunk Samurai Art by Sherrie Thai of

I had lots of fun creating this rendition of Star Wars. Vader and his Stormtrooper buddy were created with pen/ink and digitally colored. There’s a great Asian influence in the notion of “the force” (chi) and swordplay, so I wanted to capitalize on that via the Japanese Samurai theme. These pop culture icons also went through the retro-futuristic filter, which allows for a great freedom in artistic exploration.

Star Wars Steampunk Samurai Art Prints by Sherrie Thai

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Artwork: Nebulus Skull

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Nebulus Skull Art

After rewatching Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, I was inspired to create “Nebulus Skull”. There are many different elements here–a skull designed with celtic and tribal patterns in an astrological environment, surrounded by a halo of leaves.

Of course, this is no ordinary skull. Its origin comes from the ancient stories of Gaia and H.P Lovecraft’s “Old Ones”, monstrous dieties dwelling in different realms of the universe. “Nebulus Skull” may look evil, but looks can be deceiving–it is in fact a benevolent creator of life.

Free Download: Robot Santa Christmas Papercraft

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free papercraft template download

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’ve created a free papercraft model of “Robot Santa” to decorate your space or tree. Click HERE or by simply clicking on the image above. It’s a fun project that you share with the lil ones in your life. I originally created this for my nephews/nieces and thought I’d share the love 🙂

Robot Santa Papercraft Model

Here is an example of how the Robot Santa Papercraft will look when constructed. He stands a whopping 3″ tall. Add a string at the top if you’d like to transform him into an ornament. Ho ho ho–Enjoy! 🙂

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