Artwork: Tribal Turtle Wooden Box

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Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

I had so much fun painting this wooden box. As a base, I transferred my digital design onto the surface, did some ink retouching, then drew some golden leaves freehand to complete the space. A few layers of gold and bronze paint were added to the edges, while blue painters tape was used while the black border was formed. As a finishing touch, a few layers of spray sealant was applied. This tribal turtle wooden box was donated to the HACNS Community School Art Fundraiser last week, where it’ll go to a good home 🙂

Artwork: Tribal Turtle with Leaves

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Tribal Turtle with Leaves Art by Sherrie Thai of ShaireProductions

With the warmer weather, I’ve been dreaming of tropical locales, and what better way to celebrate the spring than with a new piece of art 🙂 It’s entitled “Tribal Turtles with Leaves” and was originally created with pen and textured papers. The 5×7 print is available at my ETSY SHOP. Feel free to inquire about other sizes.

Artwork: Concept Tropical Room Theme and Objects

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Tropical Theme Room Interior

This tropical room design was very unique for me as it was the first time I’ve truly delved into interior design and custom room objects. The project was created for Rooms Inc. as part of their virtual rooms library. Two walls are “cut out” with large windows, overlooking the expansive waterfall and ocean. The room is located cliff-side, for spectacular views. Keeping with the Pacific Island theme, the furniture has a contemporary, minimalist feel. Surfboards were utilized for the chair, bench and wall shelf 🙂

Tiki Bookshelf

Tiki Bookshelf/Fireplace: Just in case you don’t like today’s news, throw it in the fireplace and obliterate it!

Orchid Chandelier

Orchid Chandelier: This dainty chandelier is inspired by the glass orb containers for small ferns.

Box with Hawaiian Print

Storage Box with Hawaiian Print

Hibiscus Pillow

Colorful Hibiscus Pillow

Hemp Picture Frame with Tree Frog

Hemp Picture Frame with Tree Frog

Tribal Rug

Rug with a Polynesian-Inspired Design

You could see it in action at along with other fun themes.