Photo: Gekko in the Candlelight

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Gekko in Candlelight

It was a delight to see little gekkos foraging for food at night during my trip to Asia. As a city gal, seeing nature in action is a rarity and always amazing to see–I was giggling like a schoolgirl. 🙂

Artwork: Nebulus Skull

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Nebulus Skull Art

After rewatching Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, I was inspired to create “Nebulus Skull”. There are many different elements here–a skull designed with celtic and tribal patterns in an astrological environment, surrounded by a halo of leaves.

Of course, this is no ordinary skull. Its origin comes from the ancient stories of Gaia and H.P Lovecraft’s “Old Ones”, monstrous dieties dwelling in different realms of the universe. “Nebulus Skull” may look evil, but looks can be deceiving–it is in fact a benevolent creator of life.

Artwork: Flower Art Series, HACNS Benefit

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Flower Art Series

Here are a few modern illustrations inspired by classic Asian paintings, created by pen and a touch of digital coloring. The lovely lotus flower, peony, chrysanthemum and sakura cherry blossoms thrive atop a screenprint background style. I took a little bit of creative license for the floral environments, especially having the lotus sitting in a tree, when it should be floating on water, but eh, I wanted the pieces to be in a similar format–of graphic fantasy, not reality 🙂

Flower Art Series

You could own your graphic art print from my Etsy Shop here: Lotus, Peony, and Chrysanthemum. Or get all three and I’ll be forever grateful!

Graphic Lotus Flower and Cherry Blossoms
Graphic Lotus Flower and Cherry Blossoms Tee at my Zazzle Shop

I just donated framed/signed art prints to the Haight-Ashbury Community Nursery School (HACNS) Art Show Benefit, with all proceeds of the auction going towards maintaining the coop school in SF. I’m very happy to have been invited to participate in their event again this year 🙂 You could find out more about their April 25th event at 111 Minna Gallery HERE

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