New Product: Steampunk Skeleton Heart Notebook Journal

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Steampunk Skeleton Heart Notebook Journal. Art by Sherrie Thai of

This spiral notebook is available on ETSY HERE and is adorned with my “Steampunk Skeleton Heart” artwork (a mixed-media creation inspired by Day of the Dead and the Steampunk genre). It’ll be a lovely gift for yourself or for that special someone who enjoys writing and appreciates a touch of macabre steampunk in their collection.

Artwork: Electro Skull and Leaves

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Electro Skull and Leaves

St. Patrick’s Day was an inspiration for this “Electro Skull and Leaves” digital piece. I love combining the opposing themes of nature and technology.

Photo: Gekko in the Candlelight

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Gekko in Candlelight

It was a delight to see little gekkos foraging for food at night during my trip to Asia. As a city gal, seeing nature in action is a rarity and always amazing to see–I was giggling like a schoolgirl. 🙂

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