Artwork: Ouroboros Infinity Snake Design

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Ouroboros Infinity Snake Art by Sherrie Thai of

Ouroboros Infinity Snake Drawing Sketch Art by Sherrie Thai of

Ouroboros Infinity Snake Art Design is a dark surrealist rendition of the classic mythological symbol, where life arises out of death. My version lies somewhere between the juxtaposed worlds of destruction (bones) and creation (flowers). The piece was created with pen and ink, graphite and a touch of digital coloring.

Freebies: Wolf 2018 Calendar

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Wolf & Crescent Moon 2018 Calendar, Art by Sherrie Thai

Wishing you a very happy 2018!!! With the zodiac year of the dog, I explored a ghost wolf concept with a magical crescent moon. You’re welcome to download and use this free calendar for your personal/non-commercial purposes–home, office, etc. You could download the calendar HERE or by simply clicking on the image above and saving it to your computer. Happy New Year! 🙂

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” — Anonymous

© Art by Sherrie Thai of The copyrights are not transferable. Selling, altering and/or distributing this artwork for profit is strictly forbidden.

Artwork: Underwater Sea Skull

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underwater sea skull, art by Sherrie Thai of

This underwater “Sea Skull” artwork infuses some of the fanciful creatures of the deep ocean with a decorative bent: seahorse skeletons, shells, coral and jellyfish tentacles. I didn’t want to go overboard with color; rather, wanted to highlight the details. Creating decorative skulls is really fun; perhaps I’ll explore glowing eyes in another piece 🙂

Artwork: Bird Skull Mandala

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bird skull mandala, dark horror art by Sherrie Thai of

“Bird Skull Mandala” is inspired by the beauty of the macabre, with a detailed winged pattern drawn meticulously with pen/ink. I love creating a piece that combines the simple elegance of nature with the dark side of life. For a small price, you can indulge in this stunning piece and add this print to your collection or as a small gift for your friends or family: HERE on Etsy

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