Artwork: Guardian Lion

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Guardian Lion

“Guardian Lion” (also referred to as the Shi Lion, or Foo/Fu Dog in the West) is generally an Asian breed, created to monitor important buildings and structures. My illustration showcases its mischievous personality in a modern urban setting. The background incorporates one of my photos of the old East Bay Bridge. The colors are very subdued, as many temple lions are sculpted in simple gray stone. It was created with pen, graphite, photos and digital coloring via Adobe Photoshop.

Art Project: Lion Grass Beer from Highlander Brewery

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Lion Grass Beer from Highlander Brewery

A few weeks ago, I was very intrigued to have been contacted by Highlander Brewery and Lebl Associates to participate as the art contributor for their limited edition “Lion Grass Beer” in Ontario, Canada for Summer 2013. It’s been described as “liquid summer” for its ingredients include “organic, Ontario-grown lemongrass and dandelion leaf”. My “Nature Lion” illustration seemed to fit well with their concept so… “ta dah!” 🙂

Highlander Brewery from Brian Wilson has a line of Scottish-based ale and although I’m a non-drinker, I can appreciate the uniqueness and care that goes into each bottle. Check out their upcoming events, where you could get a taste of their summer ale: here

Highlander Brewery