Artwork: Variation of a Theme

Bebo Games

This is a recent design project promoting a Beijing Games app. The project scope was to create several profile skins highlighting several countries, so on my part, it was a test in creating a brand which was able to extend to different markets. My background in identity and package design was pretty helpful–color and design elements help differentiate the brand in unique ways. The digital illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator and the layout was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Fire Vortex: Touch the Sky

Fire Vortex is a live sculpture of fire from the mind of Nate Smith, displayed at The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival in Oakland. This was one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen. Witnessing the taming of the flame and constant evolution of shape was beautiful.

It was so hot I was worried that my new lens would melt somehow, but luckily all is well. For more info, check out Nate’s site: Fire-Arts

Dark Knight: Promotional Design

Dark Knight

I created this design for the Dark Knight Campaign. As with most movie campaigns, the artwork was already in existence, so I just had to concentrate on extending the brand through photo collages and creating supporting artwork. This is where research is essential–if I didn’t have just a day or two to turn something around, I could easily spend a week on research. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to touch different and exciting campaigns that I admire.

The concept was inspired by the Gotham Times site with interactive Flash-based elements. If you’re interested in seeing the real sites for The Dark Knight, check out my other posting about their guerrilla marketing campaign.

Artwork: TechnoDragon

Posted by Sherrie Thai of


This creation was bound to happen: I love dragons and adore music. Instead of chasing the Pearl of Wisdom as most eastern dragons do, this one is a new breed–with an affinity towards vinyl records.

This bio-mechanical style dragon was originally created by hand with pen/ink, then scanned and edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Artwork: Nature, Apparel Design

Nature Girl T-shirt by sherrie thai of shaire productions

This lovely woman was drawn by hand, scanned, then cleaned up and modified in Adobe Illustrator and is available as a tshirt on Zazzle.

PicLens: 3D Viewer for Web Content

If you’re getting bored with the 2D aspect of the web and enjoy browsing photos/videos, check out PicLens. It’s a preview of the changing face of the web (perhaps Web 3.0?). It’s slick, interactive, and most importantly–fun! PicLens incorporates top media and retail sites: YouTube, Flickr, Amazon, and Google. After you download the free program, you’ll get an icon in your browser that you could toggle to and fro. When pressed, Piclens enables full-screen viewing of various media. Be warned, if you scroll too fast when in the 3D wall, you may get a lil queezy. . .

Artwork: The Tank & the Butterflies

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Tank & Butterflies T-Shirt by sherrie thai of shaireproductions

This t-shirt illustration was digitally created a commentary on society’s ignorance/greed ultimately destroying the fragility of nature’s beauty. However, like all art, it’s open to interpretation. =0)

Artwork: Tribal Eagle

This tribal eagle was created by hand, scanned, then cleaned up on the computer. I rarely use the Wacom tablet for concept art and illustration. For me, the tangibility of drawing on paper far outweighs the coldness of the computer.

Since the Olympics and July 4th are coming up, it’s a fitting time for a self-promotion. After creating the artwork, I thought it would be interesting as a shirt. I’m trying not to create many duplicates of artwork on paper and t-shirts, but this one seems to work well as both.

Artwork: Dual Dragons

I actually created this dragon design a couple years ago for a 18×24 glass etching–to be placed in a gallery. It was a good 100 hours of work. Unfortunately, the glass etching was accidently destroyed by another’s hand. I was glad to have saved the original design, and thought it was time to give the dragons a new life.

This tribal style artwork was created by hand, then scanned, and digitally colored. The top dragon is created in an Eastern/Asian form, while the bottom dragon is done in a Western style. The inspiration of this piece was personal–growing up Chinese-American and being privy to the two cultures. It’s a duality, but never as one.

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