RedBubble: Shaire Prod Shop

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Shaire Prod Redbubble Shop Banner, Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions

Launched a new venture with RED BUBBLE, where I get to experiment with placing my art on fun skirts, dresses, and pillows in Fantasy and Macabre themes. My shop name on RedBubble is “Shaire Prod”, an abbreviate name (my full “ShaireProductions” name was unfortunately too long for RedBubble–doh!) Regardless, I’m sooooo excited–take a peek HERE! 🙂

Artwork: Tribal Turtle Wooden Box

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Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

I had so much fun painting this wooden box. As a base, I transferred my digital design onto the surface, did some ink retouching, then drew some golden leaves freehand to complete the space. A few layers of gold and bronze paint were added to the edges, while blue painters tape was used while the black border was formed. As a finishing touch, a few layers of spray sealant was applied. This tribal turtle wooden box was donated to the HACNS Community School Art Fundraiser last week, where it’ll go to a good home 🙂