Artwork: Tribal Turtle Wooden Box

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Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

Tribal Turtle Wooden Box Art Photo by Sherrie Thai of

I had so much fun painting this wooden box. As a base, I transferred my digital design onto the surface, did some ink retouching, then drew some golden leaves freehand to complete the space. A few layers of gold and bronze paint were added to the edges, while blue painters tape was used while the black border was formed. As a finishing touch, a few layers of spray sealant was applied. This tribal turtle wooden box was donated to the HACNS Community School Art Fundraiser last week, where it’ll go to a good home 🙂

Artwork: Steampunk Room Theme

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Steampunk Piano Bookshelf

Steampunk Room

Steampunk Clock

This steampunk-inspired room theme and object collection (piano bookshelf and wall clock) was created for, a cool website where each designer room object coordinates to bookmarks and browsing features.

Artwork: Gothic Skulls

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Skull Headphones for Origaudio

I’m super excited to have my “Gothic Skull Signature Headphones” showcased at the OrigAudio Marketplace. My skulls have a touch of dark romance, so hope you like the design 🙂 Not only am I proud to be part of the OrigAudio shop, but I love their innovative, cool gadgets like the Rock-It and Epishock, basically turning just about any surface into a speaker. Nifty!

Gothic Skulls

“Gothic Skulls” is also available as a 8.5×11″ art print on Etsy to decorate any wall or space.

Gothic Victorian Skulls Design Poker Cards

If you’re feeling a Poker Night coming on, check out these Gothic Skull Playing Cards I did on the ArtProjeckt spot via Zazzle.

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