Artwork: Aztec Woman, From Dusk Till Dawn Snake Goddess, Art by Sherrie Thai

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Aztec Woman, Santánico Pandemonium, From Dusk Till Dawn Snake Goddess, Art by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions

“Aztec Woman” was inspired by the beauty and strength of the Ancients, where magic and lore run free. It was also inspired by Santánico Pandemonium, a vampire snake goddess character from the popular TV series “From Dusk Till Dawn”. I created the drawing with pen/ink and digitally colored the background. The tones and shading are kept simple and not hyper-realistic, to emulate a vintage poster style, and a reminder of the fictional environment that this lovely woman resides in.

Artwork: Horror Moth

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Horror Moth art by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions

Horror Moth tshirt design on zazzle, art by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions

“Horror Moth” is a skeletal rendering of the metamorphic creature. It seems in Western cultures, the moth represents horror, with the qualities of fragility and death, while in Japanese folklore, such as “The Dream of Akinosuke”, it represents a departure of souls. This is available as a t-shirt and entirely customizable. Check it out HERE

I’ve always admired the ferocious horns of the Dynastinae or Rhinoceros Beetles, so I combined them with a human rib cage, eyeball and beautiful wings. It’s enjoyable exploring sinister creatures and insects. The first was “Deathly Scarab”–perhaps a whole series to come! 🙂 The piece was created with pen/ink and Photoshop coloring.

Artwork: Dark Fantasy Horror Skulls, Fine Art Transfer Prints on Wood

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Dark Gothic Victorian Skull Art by Sherrie Thai of

“Nature Horror Skull” is a dark surrealist print I loved creating, as the theme is a little darker, inspired by old alchemy illustrations and mystical folklore. I transferred the piece to wood and painted the edges a bit, with an overlay of acrylic. This item is available at my ETSY shop

Skeleton Cherub Angels, Art on Wood by Sherrie Thai

“Forgotten Innocence” is another wood art transfer print based on a mixed media creation I did a little while ago. The inspiration stems from Day of the Dead and old Renaissance paintings. The wood print is now on my ETSY SHOP

Artwork: Skeletal Heart, by Sherrie Thai

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Skeletal Heart

“Skeletal Heart” is about love and death amidst the quiet beauty of nature. The colors are muted to highlight the subject matter and details of the illustration. Like many of my recent works, I’m greatly influenced by Victorian elements, steampunk, gothic surrealism, and nature.

Skeletal Heart, Steampunk Skull and Roses Art Print
You can view ART PRINTS and TEE SHIRTS .

Artwork: Blood Moon Phases

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Blood Moon Phases

The fascinating lunar eclipse of the “Blood Moon” (or Hunter’s Moon) was a perfect opportunity to explore a space/sci-fi theme. Tapped into my inner geek for this 🙂

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