Shaireproductions Art Banner

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Shaireproductions Art Banner

Had lots of fun creating this mini collage banner showcasing some of my art for the Sinister Creature Con. It’s happening this weekend (October 17th & 18th) at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento. There will be amazing effects, filmmakers, and awesome horror creature creations–all devoted to the horror genre! Check it out HERE!

Artwork: Aliens Movie Tribute Sci Fi Horror Art Print and Pins, Etsy Shop Additions

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Aliens Queen Movie Art Print

Aliens Movie Art Mini Prints

Aliens Movie Art Pins

I’ve always been a fan of James Cameron’s Aliens film series and an even bigger fan of H.R. Giger. I grew up watching the series with my bro and it always held a nostalgic quality for me, so I created this Aliens Movie Tribute Art series with a touch of Celtic quality to them. Why Celtic? I love the interlocking qualities of the shapes and forms, which echoes the creature forms a bit and I also wanted to elevate the evolution of the aliens as a beautiful creation.

These Aliens Tribute Artwork are available at my Etsy Shop: Aliens Queen, Xenomorph Evolution Series, and Aliens Pins.

Artwork: Dark Fantasy Horror Skulls, Fine Art Transfer Prints on Wood

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Dark Gothic Victorian Skull Art by Sherrie Thai of

“Nature Horror Skull” is a dark surrealist print I loved creating, as the theme is a little darker, inspired by old alchemy illustrations and mystical folklore. I transferred the piece to wood and painted the edges a bit, with an overlay of acrylic. This item is available at my ETSY shop

Skeleton Cherub Angels, Art on Wood by Sherrie Thai

“Forgotten Innocence” is another wood art transfer print based on a mixed media creation I did a little while ago. The inspiration stems from Day of the Dead and old Renaissance paintings. The wood print is now on my ETSY SHOP

Artwork: Steampunk Samurai Star Wars

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Star Wars Steampunk Samurai Art by Sherrie Thai of

I had lots of fun creating this rendition of Star Wars. Vader and his Stormtrooper buddy were created with pen/ink and digitally colored. There’s a great Asian influence in the notion of “the force” (chi) and swordplay, so I wanted to capitalize on that via the Japanese Samurai theme. These pop culture icons also went through the retro-futuristic filter, which allows for a great freedom in artistic exploration.

Star Wars Steampunk Samurai Art Prints by Sherrie Thai

These Star Wars Art Prints are available on my ETSY SHOP

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