Artwork: Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This artwork was created while in a Halloween mindset. The concept was to replace a human backbone with a snake and a ribcage as wing elements. It veered away from that a bit, so I may revisit the theme a bit more later. The influences for this piece were artwork from Giger (bio-mechanical elements), mysticism, tattoo art, and alchemy (symbols in the background). Traditionally drawn with pen/ink, then scanned, and digitally colored. Larger image here.

Artwork: Halloween E-Card

Skull & Bones

It’s (drumroll please). . . HALLOWEEN! Ta da!

Here’s a mixed media piece to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. I’ve always loved Victorian scrolls and banner style, but thought it would be interesting to substitute certain artistic elements with insect legs and bone fragments–it’s subtle, but gory. Buahhaha! This was done in pen/ink, then scanned and colored/manipulated in Photoshop.View Larger Image.

Artwork: Voodoo Cleansing

Skull & Snakes

As with all my projects, I do loads of research beforehand–trying to get into the core of the product, theme, or event. I notice that Voodoo (or Vudon/ Vodoun) is something that scares a lot of people in the Western world because of what has been portrayed in horror movies and the media (as with Wiccan beliefs). Researching it made me understand that it’s a valid religion not particularly associated with darkness, but with all things, there are a few bad apples along the way. More info here. It’s a cliche, but knowledge is power–to understand differences and realize similarities. As an artist, I find that researching unfamiliar topics broadens my creative vision and style.

In the voodoo research, chickens are used in religious ceremonies. The black chicken is used to absorb evil spirits, while the white chicken is used to cleanse the spirit. Influenced by this, I did a little creative licensing. In my artwork, the body of the chicken houses spirits, while it’s plucking away at savory little eyeballs. The drawing was first created in pencil, then cleaned up, and digitally colored and texturized. View Larger Image.

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