Artwork: Commodities


Commodities is a social commentary through digital illustration. What makes the world go round? Money, power, and greed seems to have become the motivation, making war become a business in itself.

The artwork focuses on the shapes of weapons and bio-hazard symbols. Barcodes and dollar currency symbols line the ground, suggesting that everything has become a commodity. View Larger.

Photo: Homeless Camp

I tend to be drawn to the odd, unusual, and in this case, the forgotten. It saddened me to shoot this–there were several camps of homeless people, with nothing but boxes and shopping carts.

While I was shooting, a passerby warned me of “violent bums [in the area] taking people down” so I quickly heeded his warning and soon departed thereafter. I always try to be aware of my surroundings, but once in a while, you get a jolt.

This was taken around Folsom, between 1st and 2nd street in San Francisco.

Inspiration: Google and LIFE Online Photo Archive


Google and LIFE magazine teamed up for a online photo archive from the 1750s till today. To search only the LIFE images, just add “ZZZ:life” to any Google image search. Apparently, Time Inc. owns the copyright, so they’re not in the public domain, but you could purchase prints for $79.99 from Time Life and QOOP.

Inspiration: Doodlage & My Sketches

Wandering Spirit

A few months ago, I came across a very inspiring site, Doodlage, a place devoted to doodles, sketches, and preliminary art. Leo/Rashell graciously invited me to be a guest contributor, so here’s a bit of my intro: “Sketching has always been a huge part of my art (and life)–as subconscious expression, use in final art, conceptualization, or as its own art-form. My sketches have been described by others as intense, odd, insane, neurotic, but in the end, it’s part of me and I love creating…” Check out the rest here.

Doodlage also has some items on Etsy, fun artworks on rocks and collages on paper.

Inspiration: Kai Regan, Urban Photographer

Kai Regan Apple iPod

Kai Regan Slum Village

Kai Regan is an immense and inspirational photographer. Like many commercial artists, his photo content and style ranges to coincide with different clients and audiences–from pristine imagery to gritty urban scenes. He can be this generation’s Richard Avedon. Kai’s portraits, lifestyle photography, and digital compositions (like the iPod ads, enlisting the talents of Rocket Studio) is a documentary of urban existence.

Artwork: Shaire Productions on TeeFury!

Dragon O Shirts

I’m so excited to have my work featured on Tee Fury. It’s a fascinating concept–selling one t-shirt only for a day–limited and exclusive run. My day is tomorrow: December 3rd, Eastern time. There’s a goofy Q&A too, so don’t read too much into it. =0) The design I chose was a more elaborate version of the collaborative shirt from last week: Dragon O.

Please support the Shaire Productions propaganda!!!

Artwork: Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook: Mexico

My sketchbook is a personal art sanctuary: a place of meditation, simple wanderings, and exploration. This sketch was inspired by my trip to Mexico, complete with Aztec influences, mountainous terrain, and church steps.

Sketchbook Page

Here is a random page from the sketchbook. Creatures sometimes emerge from the patterns. Take a closer look.

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