Artwork: Chinese Lion Dance

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Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese Lion Dance is in honor of the Chinese/Lunar New Year, so many happy thoughts going out!

Like many of my recent pieces, this was created initially by hand with pen/ink, then scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. I created the elements, primarily the lion and ground, separately (see Chrysanthemum Floral Design post), then collaged them together and added slight color highlights. I wanted to keep the colors of the lion very subtle, so the viewer could concentrate on the details of the patterns, rather than be distracted by lots of color. Red is the Chinese color of luck and the symbol in the top right represents happiness.

I’ve been meaning to create an illustration of Chinese Lions and the Lunar New Year is a great opportunity. They’re always so fascinating, especially after performing with a troupe with some folks in Oakland (many moons ago). I never tire of the tradition nor the pageantry.

Artwork: Sorrow (Heritage Series)

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Sorrow is my third piece of the Heritage Series (Ghosts of Khmer Rouge and Contemplation), a self-initiated project concerning the historic atrocities in Asia. Originally a personal tribute to my family in regards to their experiences via the Khmer Rouge, I think this particular piece is applicable to the current events as war is still prevalent. Regardless of your position, the effects of war is saddening.

The background of this image was similar to the rest of the Heritage series–patterns from a brush pen infused with a cloud texture in Photoshop. I’ve always loved trees and thought they have many human aspects. The trees of Angkor Wat have so much life to them–they seem to cry out in pain. Combining horror elements with social themes may have a greater impact to the message of the artwork.

Artwork: Sketches 01/16

Sketches 01/16

Another image from my sketchbook. This was an ongoing mini-project during my daily commute to/from San Francisco. I may use the dragon for a future project. He’s camouflaged in there with some eyeballs and such. View Larger

Inspiration: Julian Beever’s Chalk Artwork

Julian Beever's Times Square

The trompe-l’œil chalk artworks of UK artist Julian Beever are fascinating and inspirational. On a broad scale, he’s a prime example of how art can unify people of different cultures–bringing beauty and wonder to an urban landscape.

Koi Shirt on TeeFury (01/15/09 only!)

Koi Shirts

This $9 shirt is available at for 01/15/09 only!

The original artwork was created a while back on clayboard, then scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. View Larger.

This is my second turn at the TeeFury site. The folks there have been more than gracious, and while the first design (Dragon O) was a controversial one, this design is more traditional and may fare better. I love to work with different art styles, so it’s always an adventure!

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